Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's this all about?

I grew up in a small town and I miss the sense of community: everyone knew or knew of everyone else. You could rely on your neighbors for help, most kids couldn't get away with much, because news traveled fast, and good things were promoted while bad things were discouraged.

If someone knew of a good place to eat, a good deal at a grocery store, or a good business to patronize, word got around.

If something were going on that the rest of the community needed to be aware of, word got around.

Why Blog?

I'm old enough to remember life before the Web, but young enough to have a hard time remembering life before personal computers.

I'm young enough to be able to recognize the value in collaborative internet technologies, and naïve enough to think that it can make a difference where I live.

I'm from a small town where community matters, but have lived in "the big city" enough to know that it's difficult to get neighborhoods together sometimes.

My hope is that this becomes a resource for the members of the community to share what's important to you: your views, your news, your faith, your activities, your neighborhood.

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